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Passive and Active Whiplash Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for whiplash, especially when combined with other treatments, such as bracing and medications. In whiplash, the soft tissues in your neck are damaged, so a physical therapist can work with you to restore proper function and movement of those tissues. Whiplash physical therapy includes both passive and active treatments. Passive treatments help to relax you and your body. They're called passive because you don't have to actively participate. Most likely, you're experiencing acute pain because of whiplash, so you'll probably start with passive treatments as your body heals and/or adjusts to the pain. But the goal of physical therapy is to get into active treatments. These are therapeutic exercises that strengthen your body so that your spine has better support.  Passive  Whiplash  Physical Therapy Treatments Deep Tissue Massage This technique targets muscle tension that can develop as a result of whiplash. The therapist uses direct...
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4 Myths about Chiropractic Care

Myths about Chiropractic Care
When considering a visit to the chiropractor, you may be asking friends and relatives for input about your options in seeking treatment. And although you may be provided with some helpful answers to your questions, beware of misinformed facts about chiropractic care that may influence your decision to look elsewhere. Like all practices, there are good and bad providers in every field, whether you go to see a medical doctor or a chiropractor. Here are 4 myths about chiropractic care, and why you should politely pass up advice from those who use them to justify skipping a trip to the clinic to see your local chiropractor. 1. Chiropractic Care/Adjustments Cause Strokes Some past studies have previously linked neck adjustments to artery damage, which can lead to a stroke. However, this association has been proven to come from patients requesting work on neck pain and headaches which are cause of being prone...
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Belltown's Breathe Hot Yoga

Located less than a minute’s walk from Belltown Spine & Wellness, Amber Borgomainerio’s studio, Breathe Hot Yoga , uses repetitive movement and heat as a unique and individualized way to rehabilitate and strengthen the spine. “The style of yoga that we do here at Breathe is so complementary to chiropractic, and taking care of the spine, as all of our yoga classes are centered around working with the spine specifically." In yoga philosophy, that’s the main channel of energy which goes up through the body, and even in Taoism it is considered the Tree of Life” says Amber on the correlation between spinal wellness and practicing Yoga. “So by taking care of your spine, you essentially are taking care of your whole body, so I think it aligns perfectly with chiropractic.” Amber mentioned that she has been a patient of Dr. Scott’s for many years, and added that the combination of...
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Pregnancy Unbalanced Pelvis Correction

Pregnancy Unbalanced Pelvis Correction
Typically, an expecting mother gains 25-30 pounds her pregnancy. This added weight can not only cause discomfort in the lower back but can cause pain throughout the entire lower body by putting pressure on the spine, specifically the sciatic nerve. This new weight can also cause the pelvis to be misaligned, which leaves less room for the baby to develop, and assume the correct position for birth. And unbalanced pelvis could result in a breech birth, which could potentially lead to a C-section if the baby is born in a hospital setting. By seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy , an expecting mother can receive help to regain a balanced pelvis and spine. By using gentle manipulations and adjustments chiropractors can assist with pain associated from protruding abdomens and increased spinal curvature, pelvic changes, and posture adaptations. This could help to eliminate symptoms that frequently characterize pregnancy; like nausea and back pain,...
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Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care

The science of chiropractic relies on the notion that the body can properly function only if the spine is unobstructed, and the nerve supply to the rest of the body remains constant. Of course, injuries from athletic performance can cause subluxations which can create further issues, like chronic pain, with an athlete’s health later on. Even after medical treatment like surgery, a subluxation is not totally eliminated, which is where chiropractic care can help. Athletic Performance and Chiropractic Care Athletes may either receive acute traumatic injuries or injury from repetitive overuse. Acute traumatic injuries usually occur in most contact sports, and can affect a player after being hit by an unseen force or sudden impact. Repetitive overuse injuries occur after repeating a series of movements over time, like swinging a golf club. Almost every athletic workout results in some sort of micro-injury, as the body is broken down in order to...
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Essential Foods for Cardiovascular Health

Essential Foods for Cardiovascular Health
Worried that your diet is lacking in heart-healthy nutrients? It might be wise to do some brainstorming about adding some of these essential foods to your meals to improve your cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer worldwide and accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths in the United States alone. Coronary heart disease, the most commonly occurring form of cardiovascular ailments for Americans, kills more 370,000 people annually. Sodium-rich foods and processed foods can cause heart problems, as well as foods high in trans or saturated fats, which can raise LDL cholesterol, which can be an another dangerous contributor to heart disease. And while most Americans are well aware that they should be eating healthier to potentially prevent a fatal heart attack, most do not take action to incorporate these nutrients into their diets. Of course, exercise and refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol are also of great...
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