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At Belltown Weightloss & Wellness Center we are dedicated to helping clients lose weight, optimize body composition and maintain their healthy weight for life. We offer three different weightloss programs that are used to achieve your weightloss & wellness goals. In addition, what sets our nutrition weightloss programs apart from other programs, is that you will not only be supervised by Dr. Julie Sutton ND, LAc throughout your weightloss journey, but you will interface with Dr. Julie for your consultation and each of your subsequent weigh ins. This system will ensure that you will receive complete attention to treat the whole body (which may include, blood tests, nutrient therapy and/or other behavioral therapy) to optimize health and weightloss.
Note: Blood tests, supplements (nutrient therapy) and/or behavioral therapy are applicable to additional fees.




ProLon® is a 5-day dietary program that nourishes your body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes, including effects on a wide range of markers that contribute to aging, such as cholesterol, inflammation, and fasting glucose. Benefits of ProlonFMD are metabolic, cellular and performance optimization that promote fat focused weight loss. To learn more about this program, go to:



This program specifically addresses behavioral changes and balancing the different body systems to optimize weight loss on a week to week basis. Specific laboratory testing and/or nutritional supplementation may be recommended to address other treatment needs that may be a barrier to your weight loss.



This program analyzes your genetic markers that contribute to how your body processes foods and responds to exercise. It examines behavioral traits regarding diet and lifestyle. Diet, exercise and behavioral recommendations are tailored to your genetics for an individualized road map to achieving lifelong optimal health.



• Acupuncture for Weightloss
• Chiropractic Services
• Massage Therapy
• A la carte Nutrition Services


  • ~Jennifer R.At first I was skeptical about having a weight loss coach, but have completely turned around. We all have our friends and family telling us what we WANT to hear, now I have someone telling me what I NEED to hear. Belltown Weight Loss and Wellness' plan is pretty restrictive in phase one, and it was very comforting knowing that I could reach out any time for guidance. The coach makes herself available in many different ways, so you never feel out of touch or stranded. Also, knowing that the person who is advising you has shared in the program is very encouraging!

    ~Jennifer R.

  • ~Michelle B. I highly recommend Belltown Weight Loss & Wellness. I started my journey in late 2012 at another center. I was having success but the food availability and options were an issue so I transferred. BWLW always has an excellent selection available and quickly gets new items released. Variety is helpful when trying to stay on track! I love that it is FDA approved and non-gmo. I hit my goal and lost a total of 80lbs. I haven’t felt so good in years! In addition to feeling and looking great I found that my allergies went away with the new healthy food habits I had created.

    ~Michelle B.

  • ~Ann V.If you are considering the Belltown Weight Loss and Wellness program, this is a great clinic to use. I've been a client for over 2 months and lost about 30lbs so far. The coach is great, very accessible and encouraging. After joining an online forum about the diet, I was surprised at how people have terrible experiences with their clinic or coach. I'm so glad I started and my experience has been great so far. If you are committed to following the program, you WILL lose the weight. The clinic sells the food also and I have found several items I like. It is not cheap but to me the results are worth it.

    ~Ann V.

  • ~Julie W.I had tried every program possible to lose weight with no success. Belltown Weight Loss made sense to me. I liked having a weekly weigh in with a coach. I lost 30 lbs in about 4 months. Without the support and encouragement, I never would have believed in myself. I really enjoyed the food; it gave me so much energy and felt good after I ate it. It's been a year now and have kept the weight off. Occasionally I go back to the food for 2 days to restart my system then go back to regular food. It has changed my life. I am so happy with the results.

    ~Julie W.



  • ProlonFMD 5 day meal planning kit (#kits, based on weightloss goal)
  • Blood test screening exam
  • In-depth health systems check
  • Body composition testing
  • One-on-one counseling with Dr. Julie


  • Gene testing via cheek swab
  • 1 hour interpretation of results
  • Customized menu planning according to individual genetics
  • Exercise and lifestyle recommendations customized to individual genetics
  • In depth health systems check
  • Body composition testing
  • One-on-one counseling with Dr. Julie


  • In depth health systems check
  • Customized health program to optimize weightloss
  • Body composition testing
  • One-on-one counseling with Dr. Julie
  • Order lab tests to address food sensitivities/GI function, hormone balance and metabolism.
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