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Light Therapy in Seattle

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Light Therapy Seattle

Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation, or light therapy, is used to strengthen weak spinal nerves and speed healing and recovery. Dr. Scott Mindel, a Quantum Neurologist, administers light therapy by gently tapping a cold laser along the patient's spine to stimulate weakened nerves and set the foundation for correcting the patient's spine and posture deviations

"We have found that since implementing Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation/light therapy into our 4 step program, our patients are recovering from pain and chronic injuries faster than anything I've ever seen in my past 20 years in chiropractic. I beleive that this new blend of techniques is on the cutting edge of pain manageent and chiropractic therapy."

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation:

How Does Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation Work?
Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation is a method of exercising and strengthening the Nervous System. Using a patented system of evaluation and correction, we find hidden neurological weaknesses in the body. Specific techniques allow us to activate the Nervous System's innate healing power so that the body can heal itself. Only the Nerves that are not performing properly are rehabilitated. This process allows us to customize a rehabilitation protocol that is unique for each patient and their goals.

Why do I need Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation?
Most patients start with Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation because they want to regain function lost as a result of an injury or illness. Others want to live pain free without physical limitations. And of course there are the people who want their body to be at its best, and Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation can help your body achieve peak performance. If you have ever experienced an Injury, Illness or Condition (IIC) in your lifetime, it is likely that you living with Neurological Deficits as a direct result.

Your Nervous System controls every muscle, organ and function in your body. A Neurological Deficit can represent itself with ANY symptom or dysfunction in your body including: pain, muscular weakness and imbalance, decreased range of motion, numbness, tingling and loss of sensation, organ dysfunction, circulatory and lymphatic problems, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, mental and memory problems, problems with sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, vertigo and balance problems.

What's the science behind Light Therapy/Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation?
Light therapy is used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation to stimulate the Nervous System. Our clinical experience has also demonstrated that a patient will rehabilitate faster and hold their adjustments longer, when light therapy is used during their sessions. Our bodies use light to communicate and stimulate function. For example, we absorb sunlight to create vitamin D, and our cells emit light when performing certain cellular functions.

Light therapy is well documented for the stimulation of ATP (cellular energy) production, lymphocyte activity (cellular detoxification), increased circulation and tissue oxygenation. Light therapy, which has been researched and in use since the 1960's, has been used alone and in conjunction with surgical and medical procedures for many years.

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  • Dr. Scott is a good communicator and will teach about not only what is causing your back pain but how you can realistically maintain a healthy back in your daily life. At no time have I had anything but complete confidence is his knowledge of his craft and I can attest first hand to Dr. Scott's abilities
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