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Kyle Conyers, LMP

kyle conyersFor every massage client, during the intake process, I learn what specific problems are bringing someone in for the day. May it be injury rehabilitation, overall muscle relaxation/flexibility, or mental relaxation, I take into consideration someones preferences, and work to achieve their goals. Any session may include focus on one or more problem areas, full body massage, or full body with extra time on requested areas.

To achieve someone’s goals, I use a mixture of deep-tissue, lighter-tissue work, active and passive stretching and myofascial release. Each massage is customized to someone’s specific goals and needs, and I make sure that the overall experience is pleasant and relaxing as well.

Over the years, people have gravitated toward my deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, and my passive-stretching rehabilitation. Many people request other specifications other than these techniques, but we have found these are the techniques relieve health conditions fastest. I have found Belltown Spine and Wellness an excellent place of practice massage, and I intend to continue here for years to come.