Dermalogica Shares Its Mindful Mantra for SuccessCarson, Calif. — Dermalogica welcomed more than 120 senior instructors, corporate trainers and education managers representing more than

40 countries to the brand’s 21st annual week-long Global Education Conference in May, held at Dermalogica world headquarters in Carson, California.

The emphasis of this year’s conference, which included more than 35 different presentations, activities and skill workshops, addressed the importance of mindfulness through learning, relationships, communication and leadership. The Corporate offices became an oasis filled with plush couches and classrooms transformed into mediation rooms where guests were encouraged to visit and unplug from everyday distractions like cell phones and computers so they could fully immerse themselves in the present.

The week began with mindful exercises to get the group centered with a special guest, Joey Soto, a mindfulness expert who specializes in teaching meditation and yoga to corporate executives, attorneys, parents, women and teens. Dermalogica Founder and Owner Jane Wurwand then kicked off the week by speaking on the Global Mindful Revolution and the need for us to be fully in the present. She challenged the rapt audience to think more deeply about who they are, where they are and why they are here. Wurwand’s closing presentation at the end of the week focused on “The Third Metric: Redefining Success.”

Other top highlights from the week included presentations byprogram hostAnnet King, Director of Global Education for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute, who shared insights on the importance of mindful teaching for greater student success, provided the new 2014 global curriculum, and presented an in-depth review on the medical spa landscape.

Dr. Diana Howard, VP of Global Education and Research and Development for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute, introduced upcoming new products for the brand and presented “What’s in your DNA?” which explored the philosophy and history behind Dermalogica’s hero formulas.

Lastly, Mathew Divaris, VP of Global Marketing and Creative, provided a poignant presentation based on a book by Irini Rockewell, which explores a Buddhist philosophy on the five wisdom energies, providing insight on the different types of personalities and emotions that make a leader.

Mindfulness and keen awareness of the customer also permeated the discussion of the brand’s newest and most innovative professional product launch, the BioActive Peel. This powerful professional only acid-based treatment, developed to offer unprecedented exfoliation results, require that the skin therapist observe closely and communicate intimately in order to ensure an experience which is safe, effective and exciting to the customer — the opposite of a cookie-cutter treatment from a generic menu. The BioActive Peel and BioSurface Peel system is Dermalogica’s latest advancements in interactive personalization, based upon the expertise of the professional skin therapist.