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Truth Behind Sugar

The holidays are upon us and our sugar intake is sure to skyrocket. However, you may rethink that after learning the truth behind sugar. The History The origination of sugar is believed to be 5,000 years ago, yet first recorded in 1099. Western Europeans dubbed it as “new spice,” speaking of how pleasant it was. Only royalty and the wealthy could afford it and considered it “white gold.” In 1619, sugarcane arrived in the United States. As sugar production increased so did the need for labor. Working in sugarcane fields was dangerous and hard, so the British West Indies imported over four million slaves from Africa. Once slavery ended in the United States, slave refugees from Haiti migrated, and sugar plantations began in Louisiana all the way to Hawaii. Through the 1800s, canning, ice cream, and candy greatly increased the demand. The consumption of sugar for the average American went...
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