Why do I feel groggy the day after a chiropractic visit?

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Question: Why do I feel groggy the day after a chiropractic visit?

Why do I feel groggy the day after a chiropractic visit by Max Kunz

After a chiropractic visit your body is working to return to its proper function. This can sometimes make you feel groggy.

Why are you groggy the day after a chiropractic visit? Because your body is returning to its proper function. As your spinal column becomes properly aligned, the stresses and impingements on your spinal nerves are released. Parts of your body, which in some cases haven’t been working properly in years, come back to life. (In technical, chiropractic terms, we healing process is called “retracing.”)

Don’t be scared. Don’t be put off. You’re healing. You’re getting a healthy spine.

Going to a chiropractor is not your typical one-and-done, prescription writing doctor visit. It’s a commitment to your overall health. It’s a time investment into your long-term wellbeing. If you’re groggy or you’re experiencing some of the pain from old injuries, this can be because the parts of your body which shut down are waking up.

Those previously turned off areas, which trapped toxins in your body, are beginning to detoxify. When the poisons leave your system, they can create a headache or slight head cold. You might even experience a fever. As the “retracing” continues and your nerve interference is removed, these symptoms will disappear. Your overall wellbeing will increase. That’s the goal – to make your body a self-healing machine. Remember, true wellness starts from the inside.

So if you feel groggy after your chiropractic appointment, don’t freak out. You’re body is doing its thing. It’s healing!

Throughout January, I’m going to continue doing an open Q&A where we’ll explore many of the uncertainties, concerns, and curiosities surrounding chiropractic. Remember, no question is a bad question. If there’s something you would like answered, please leave it in a comment below.


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