How long does it take chiropractic to work?

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“How long does chiropractic care take to work?”

Chiropractic Timeline

Chiropractic care results your longterm health and wellness.

This is a question we hear often at Belltown Spine & Wellness.  No matter your circumstance, whether you’re a mom or dad, employer or employee, athlete begging to get back on the field or musician chomping at the bit to perform again, you probably want a timeline.

While there may be a rare case of a patient being healed in one visit, this is not typical. Does chiropractic work? Yes. Does it immediately undo a lifetime of nerve impingement?  No. Chiropractic just doesn’t work like that.

Your chiropractor may be able to estimate the number of visits before you see a marked improvement, but this is still an estimation. A chiropractor’s job is to return your spine to its natural alignment so your body can heal itself from the inside out. This process takes time. The secret – as with most changes in lifestyle – is patience and discipline.

Taking ownership of your own well-being is a lifetime commitment. I’ve seen patients find chiropractic through a variety of channels. For some, their medical doctor referred them. Others made a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. Patients have been referred by family members and friends. They’ve come seeking alternatives to prescription drugs and surgery. The constant factor for all of the patient success stories is their commitment to their own health. It’s their long-term investment.

How long does it take to work? The better question is, how long are you committed to staying healthy.

Throughout January, I’m going to continue doing an open Q&A where we’ll explore many of the uncertainties, concerns, and curiosities surrounding chiropractic. No question is a bad question. If there’s something you would like answered, please leave it in a comment below.


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