So… What’s the point of seeing a chiropractor?

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Glad you asked!

Your health and wellness, as well as your body’s innate ability to heal itself, depends on a properly aligned spine.

Your chiropractor’s job is to help you enjoy vibrant overall health by restoring your spinal column to its proper alignment.

A chiropractor restores your spine to proper alignment

Noticeable misalignments in your spine cause immediate pain and discomfort, such as back spasms and migraine headaches.  But nearly everybody’s spine is misaligned in some way. Usually these misalignments exist undetected.  However, all of them slowly undermine your health over time.

Let’s break it down some more. Your central nervous system (CNS) is your body’s communication highway. It takes the signals from your brain and sends them throughout your body.  The central nervous system is protected by the bones of your spinal column.

This column consists of 24 vertebrae. There are seven located in your neck (or the cervical region), 12 in your mid-back (thoracic region), and five in your lower back (lumbar region). Ideally, these bones stack in perfect alignment on top of the other.  Vertically, a normal healthy spine is absolutely symmetrical.

Unfortunately, it’s very rare to find someone with a perfectly aligned spinal column.  And that’s where most of the pain and ill-health of the human body starts.

It’s simple, really.  When your spinal column is misaligned it pinches your central nervous system, disrupting the signals from your brain to the rest of your body. 

These disruptions inhibit your daily movement and innate ability to heal. They can cause serious pain.

Nerve interference can be caused by numerous – often unavoidable – circumstances. Just being born, the need to be pulled and pushed from your mom’s womb, can move your spine into funky positions.

As you grow, live, and become an adult, everyday activities can create misalignments in your spine. Falling as you learn to walk can cause nerve impingement.  Taking a hit while playing sports, carrying a heavy bag, or sitting for long periods of time all take their toll on your spine’s alignment.

So what can you do?  Do you stop being active? Do you never sit at desks?  Obviously not.

Setting time aside to realign your spine by visiting your local chiropractor can reverse the effects of life’s wear and tear on your spine.  By taking control of your own wellness, you can enjoy vibrant long-term health.

Throughout January, we’ll explore many of the uncertainties, concerns and curiosities surrounding chiropractic, with open Q&A. No question is a bad question.

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