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Dr. Scott Mindel, DC

Chiropractor in Seattle and Belltown

Image Scott, one of the best rehabilitation chiropractors in Seattle
For more than 20 years, Dr Scott has been using chiropractic’s inside-out healing approach to solve the root problems of people’s pain.  He doesn’t look for the quick fix or symptom-solving approach offered by traditional western medicine.  Rather, his goal is to help your body operate at peak performance - now and forever.

Every day, this fun-loving doctor hears clients say:  “You’ve performed a miracle on me!”

And he knows how miraculous chiropractic care can be.  During his senior in high school, he sustained a football injury that pinched a nerve in his neck.  Suffering from severely numbed hands, his doctors recommended surgery.  Like many people, he knew there had to be a better answer.  He tried a chiropractor and within three months his hands were completely healed.

He was convinced from this experience that Chiropractic was his calling.

He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College and founded Belltown Spine & Wellness in 1994. Since then he has continually expanded the office to include an increasing range of services.  The clinic now offers acupuncture and naturopathic medicine in addition to chiropractic and spinal rehabilitation.

Dr. Scott has created a wellness hub, serving everyone from children and elite athletes to the elderly and those suffering from the adverse effects of office work.  Always developing better ways to serve his clients, he recently began offering Light Therapy, a method used to strengthen weak spinal nerves and decompression rehabilitation.

Today, he remains active with hot yoga, local hikes, snowboarding, and scuba diving.

Dr. Julie Sutton, ND, LAC

Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist in Seattle

Image Julie, one of the best Seattle acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors can relieve your back pain in Seattle
Previous to 2006, Belltown Spine & Wellness was known as Belltown Chiropractic. With Dr. Julie joining the team, the business name was subsequently renamed to encompass the clinic's health vision. Dr. Julie's approach to medicine is to take a detail-oriented history, evaluate you physically and assess your body’s current health status. This involves a thorough look through your past medical records, evaluate current/past symptoms, order new testing (if indicated) and treat the whole body, not just one aspect or system.

Her specialities inclue pain management, hormone balance and gastrointestinal health. Dr. Julie graduated with her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Acupuncture from Bastyr University. She holds her a double undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology.

When not in the office, Dr. Julie can be found cooking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, hiking and creating artwork.

Dr. Nolan Deatherage, Chiropractor

Chiropractor in Seattle and Belltown

Helping people is what Dr. Deatherage is all about, but Chiropractic wasn’t his original path. His journey to healing the community began at the University of Washington, where he was pursuing medicine. It all changed when he witnessed how the “quick prescription fix” often leadto additional and worse problems. He then looked to alternative modalities to heal his community.

When he discovered chiropractic, he found a way to help you get healthy and stay healthy. The decision to switch gears was simple. He completed his chiropractic prerequisites with a degree in Zoology. (Don’t forget to ask about his favorite animal when you visit).He continued his Chiropractic education at Life Chiropractic College West, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2008. Since then, he has played a major role in opening three Seattleclinics. Outside of the office he can be found playing basketball, hiking, and attending local concerts.  

Jo Ann Coker, LMP

Licensed Massage Therapist in Seattle

Jo Ann has the experienced touch to relieve your pain and the warm personality to put you at ease. With 10 years of massage experience, she is able to combine multiple techniques to help you as quickly as possible. Clear communication and a massage tailored to your bodyensures that you get quality care every step of the way. She joined the Belltown Spine & Wellness team in 2009, because she loves to integrate healing massage with the other non-invasive treatment options on site

Graduating in 2003 from the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Kailua, Hawaii, Jo Ann continues to embrace the Aloha Spirit here in Seattle. When time allows, she dons her DJ and Producer hat around town. Perhaps, you've heard her work.   

Erin Childs, LMP

Licensed Massage Therapist in Seattle

Erin’s relaxing touch allows your body and mind to go into a meditative state where it releases its tension and stress. Healing begins here. As a Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1997, she incorporates multiple massage techniques so you feel better as quickly as possible. Helping your body heal and better accept chiropractic adjustments is only half her magic. Erin’s also committed to your long-term health. Joining the Belltown Spine & Wellness team in 2007, she focuses on rehabilitation and postural integration.

Erin’s path to massage wasn’t traditional. It began a little bigger. It began with horses.Erin grew up around animals here in the Pacific Northwest and originally wanted to be a veterinarian. She spent a brief period of time working with horses and practicing equine massage, where she saw how all muscles – no matter the size – affect one’s wellbeing.Still passionate about animals, she is currently in school, continuing to pursue her veterinarian dreams.

Nessia Nesmith

Office Manager

Nessia takes pride in running a tight ship at Belltown Spine & Wellness.  Joining the Belltown Spine & Wellness team in 2007 as the Office Manager, Nessia wears a lot of hats. She pulls out the insurance cap when she needs to help you navigate those tricky claims. She snaps on her bill pay one to handle accounts receivable. There’s the hands-on hat, when she works with you during your visit and the wellness hat, when she helps you understand the long term commitment to your spinal health. She knows how the body works, how the spine controls your overall health, and what it takes to maintain your well-being.

Outside of the office, Nessia wears her mommy hat. She and her husband Clarence are both Pacific Northwesterners. They reconnected later in life afterhaving attended high school together in Bellingham. They now have two beautiful young children.

Stephanie Gambino

Community and Outreach Director

One of the newest members of the Belltown Spine and Wellness team, Stephanie brings her spunk and outgoing personality to the office. As the Community and Outreach Director, she helps educate Seattleites about the clinic. Her goal is to give everyone the opportunity they need to experience a vibrant life, rich with the wellness we’re dedicated to providing. How? Through local outreach and educational events.

Stephanie is passionate about healthy living. Since graduating with a double major in Journalism and Music Business from James Madison University in 2010, she has worked to promote alternative healthy lifestyles for businesses up and down the West Coast. Beyond the office, she loves music and travel and is always on the hunt for a new place to explore.

About BELLTOWN SPINE & WELLNESS vs. Traditional Seattle Chiropractors

About Belltown Spine & Wellness
Many patients who seek care at BELLTOWN SPINE & WELLNESS have tried other medical, chiropractic, physical therapy and sports medicine clinics in the past. What we offer is the integrated approach to health and wellness that patients are looking for.

Unlike other chiropractors and physical therapists, Belltown Spine & Wellness does not use a cookie cutter approach. Our 4-Step Program integrates chiropractic, physical medicine and sports medicine. Our back program specializes in correcting the structure of your spine for lifelong improvement, not just a temporary fix. We have a passionate and fully trained team and over 17 years of experience in developing this unique spinal care system.

BELLTOWN SPINE & WELLNESS uses the latest technology in spinal rehabilitation equipment, which not all chiropractors can claim. And because Dr. Mindel understands that all patients and conditions are unique, he will design a complete and specialized spinal back program specific to your needs. A specialized rehabilitation program may include spinal traction, spinal adjustments, body weighting, body vibration, laser therapy, spinal decompression and postural exercises for a complete spinal rehabilitation program.

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Meet Dr. Mindel
  • Dr. Scott is a good communicator and will teach about not only what is causing your back pain but how you can realistically maintain a healthy back in your daily life. At no time have I had anything but complete confidence is his knowledge of his craft and I can attest first hand to Dr. Scott's abilities
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