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Evergreen Packaging announced today the launch of the Fall 2014 "Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest," themed "Sculptures." Classroom teams can win as

much as $5,000 by constructing creations from empty milk cartons saved from their school lunches. The deadline for submissions is November 19, 2014.

"Students can artistically express their creativity and find new purpose for their empty school milk cartons, all while learning a hands-on lesson in repurposing and recycling," said Katie Lewis, associate marketing manager at Evergreen Packaging. "Evergreen Packaging is dedicated to promoting healthy, eco-friendly habits like milk consumption and carton recycling to school-aged children, and the Made By Milk program continues to highlight that commitment."

Students in grades K–12 are eligible to compete in the Made By Milk contest. To enter, classroom teams collect empty milk cartons to use in their carton creations, and write a 200-word essay about how their school will use the prize money. This semester, however, there are some new updates to the contest, including more prizes! In addition to the existing Grand Prize winner ($5,000) and People's Choice award ($2,500), there will now be awards for creations using less than 300 cartons, and creations using more than 300 cartons. The new prize structure is below:

Grand Prize: $5,000

People's Choice: $2,500

Elementary Winners – less than 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

Elementary Winners – more than 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

Middle/High School Winners – less than 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

Middle/High School Winners – more than 300 cartons (3 winners): $1,000 each

Evergreen Packaging is the largest manufacturer of gable-top cartons in the United States. Since the 2012 inception of the Made By Milkcontest, Evergreen Packaging has awarded cash prizes to 37 winning schools across the country. Last semester's grand-prize winner, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, from Bayside, New York, used their winnings to fund a recycled art class.

For more details on the "Sculptures" theme, rules, and photos of previous winning creations, visit madebymilkcontest.com.

Source: Evergreen Packaging