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For over 15 years, Seattle chiropractor Dr. Scott Mindel has researched the latest technologies in chiropractic care to offer customized programs for individual patients at our Seattle office. Serving downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne, Fremont and South Lake Union residents, Belltown Spine & Wellness Center offers the best whole health chiropractic in Seattle, WA.

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Seattle, WA Chiropractic & Spinal Rehabilitation

BELLTOWN SPINE & WELLNESS is trained in the most recognized and researched spinal care program in the United States, Clinical Biomechanics of Posture® (CBP). This system of chiropractic care uses exercise, adjusting and postural traction to correct spine and posture deviations and helps move patients back towards normal alignment.

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Several recent clinical trials and case reports have documented the dramatic improvements in patients with a variety of diseases and conditions after remolding patients' spine and posture back towards the normal range. Belltown Spine & Wellness employs the best chiropractors in Seattle. We firmly believe that, under the right conditions, your body innately has everything it needs to attain complete health. Seattle chiropractor Dr. Mindel's approach incorporates chiropractic care and individualized rehabilitation techniques into a 4-step program designed to improve spinal health and the overall wellness of the central nervous system, which the spine protects.

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We aim at servicing all chiropractic patients who have health care insurance and working with those who do not to create a wellness plan that is affordable and fits within their budget. We work hard so you too can see a Seattle chiropractor. Call (206) 441-7984 for info or stop by our Seattle chiropractic office in Belltown.

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